YAY! im excited to finally leave blogspot (not being able to reply back to you was torture!) so now I have my very own domain! see ya guys there! <33333 leprettystellar.com


Easy Rider


( Unif Easy Rider jacket , Asop crop top, Mink Pink Slasher shorts, D by Dolce Vita Wyatt boots)

When I started noticing that this jacket in particular sold out in all the online store I was extremely satisfied knowing that I was one of the lucky owners. Im sure it'll be available again for all you that are drooling and lusting over it. hah. 

This week has felt annoyingly long and slightly overwhelming (work wise) , now i can't wait for tomorrow to be over and done with so i can enjoy my fun relaxing weekend with friends and a whole lot of Mimosas. Mmmm !

photos credit like always goes to my bf! / check out his pics!



Hooray for a new post for the new year! Almost February but I'm sure you can forgive me. hehe I havent been up to much lately. Just working my usual hours on weekdays and trying to enjoy my weekends the most I can. Lately Ive been splitting my time with my bf and my new partner in crime (hehe) Ria. She's fabulous in every way possible and every time we hang out it's a different experience and so much fun each time! (wish i could put an emoji right here but unfortunately i cant. hah) okay okay now im off to continue feeding my addiction, watching Mad Men!


Bizarre Love Triangle

I should be ashamed that it's been this long since I've posted an actual blog post. sigh. MY BAD! Going to try to do this more frequent :)


as usual, photos by Justin E.


Instagram lovin

Awhile ago i said Bye-bye to my 2 year old Blackberry and decided on getting the new Iphone 4s, which can only mean one thing really, i joined the infamous Instagram world, SO if you're a part of this, add me!
username : prettystellar    
so obsessed with this cute little app. 

Planning on doing a post soon! Hope you guys found amazing deals on Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday!



Hello November

   (Wearing : Asos Chiffon floral maxi dress , Lucky Brand ring, La Lumiere bracelet from HRH Collection , & Jeffrey Campbell navy Daisy D )
(Makeup : Limecrime Glamour 101 )

I feel like it's been forever since i did an outfit post, and it kind of has been but im B-A-C-K! I guess i had to get the ball rolling again :) Ive been wanting to take photos of this dress and finally did so! Ever since i put on this floral dress i fell in love with it, not only because it was on sale for $30(what a deal!) but because i felt so feminine and pretty when i slipped it on, I usually tend to sway for edgier pieces but I couldnt say no to this dress especially with the detailing in it. Speaking of feminine, I decided to use a color on my lips that i felt would look SUPERB with this dress, Glamour101 was it! This color is a limited edition color from their Lip Noir collection so if you love how it looks, I suggest you grab it while you still can! You might regret it :(

credit of these photos go to my lovely boyfriend Justin, I don't know with what kind of photos I would have ended up with if not for his patience and growing love for photography. He even has a blog too! hehe http://justinewing.blogspot.com/



A little something

(Top to Bottom: Style Stalker Sugar Daddy dress , Asos Floral chifffon Maxi dress , Unif Bones oversized tee , Urban Outfitter shorts, and LF top )

It probably seems like Ive forgotten my precious blog but i have not! Ive been pretty tired from work and these past few weekends have kept me pretty busy. So just for the sake of posting something semi interesting and also from keeping myself feeling a little more sane, here's a small update of things ive purchased in the past month or so. Outfit post will be coming this weekend! i have it planned and set up! :) I will be wearing that awesome Asos floral dress in the picture above, that dress is the best $30 Ive ever spent! I feel like some kind of goddess in it and it fits like a glove. Can't wait to show you guys! 

Don't forget to use repcode - LILYCAKES for 20% off your karmaloop order! They carry such amazing brands (Unif, StyleStalker, Jeffreycampbell, Mink Pink, Wildfox, and many more! ) It would be foolish for any one NOT to check it out! ;)